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About Us

History of aviation in the Arkhangelsk Region began mainly due to the All-Union Society «Dobrolyot», which on November 2nd, 1929, issued a Decree on creation of Arkhangelsk – Ust-Sysolsk (modern Syktyvkar) air route control office in Arkhangelsk. Three months later the first Arkhangelsk airport – first class Central aerostation, began its operations. The airport was based on the ice of the Northern Dvina River near Kegostrov – a small landing field, an old house on the bank of the river (aerostation), a team of horses, three four-seat aircrafts, – these were the aviation facilities in the Pomor land at the beginning of the 1930-s.

First air route in Arkhangelsk was launched on February 4th, 1930, when a «Dobrolyot» four-seat aircraft with side number 119 lead by Konstantin Deduschenko took off from Kegostrov airport and successfully operated flight Arkhangelsk – Ust-Sysolsk – Arkhangelsk. First passengers were delegates of the Komi Region who were returning home from the regional executive committee session. The aircraft had less instruments and devices than a modern car. Its speed reached 160 km/hour, and the flight to Ust-Sysolsk (modern Syktyvkar) of 930 km with two stopovers in Bereznik and Kotlas took more than seven hours.

In January, 1931, Northern Air Routes Control Office has been established. From then on begins active development of air services in the Pomor Region – new air route Arkhangelsk-Onega-Arkhangelsk, as well as new postal air service between Arkhangelsk and Moscow were launched. Pilots operating the latter were called «flying collectors» because they were executing an important governmental function of transporting «secret» financial documents.

In the winter of 1932 Kalinin K-5 aircrafts began to operate regular flights on the Arkhangelsk–Leshukonskoe-Ust-Tsylma-Arkhangelsk route. A year later Arkhangelsk–Naryan-Mar–Arkhangelsk air route was launched. Up to 1936 Arkhangelsk had only «winter» aviation – aircrafts took off and landed using an ice airfield. Up to the middle of the 1930-s Northern aviators mainly operated foreign aircrafts, but beginning from 1935 Soviet aircrafts began to be widely used: «Stal-2», Polikarpov Po-2, Shavrov Sh-2, Polikarpov R-5, Beriev MBR-2. In February, 1939, a four-engine heavy aircraft Tupolev G-2 (ANT-6) first appeared on Arkhangelsk–Naryan-Mar–Arkhangelsk air route.

In the post-war period old aircraft types were replaced with modern ones – Lisunov Li-2 and later Ulyushin Il-14. In May, 1948, pilot I.A. Trofimov for the first time operated Arkhangelsk–Moscow-Arkhangelsk flight on Lisunov Li-2. By the end of the 1950-s Arkhangelsk was connected by air with Pinega, Verkhnyaya Toima, Krasnoborsk, Kotlas, Shenkursk, Velsk and other cities. In 1963 new comfortable multi-seated aircrafts Ilyushin Il-18 began to be operated on routes Arkhangelsk–Moscow and Arkhangelsk–Leningrad. First Antonov An-24 passenger aircrafts appeared on many air routes in 1966. In the end of April, 1969, Northern air fleet received first turbojet aircraft Yakovlev Yak-40, in March 1974 – first Tupolev Tu-134. In 1975 Tupolev Tu-154 appeared in the Northern sky. By the end of the 1970-s Northern aviation carried more than 1,5 million passengers per year on routes with total distance of more than 70 thousand kilometers. By the second half of the 1980-s Arkhangelsk has become a major airport. Air routes connected it with capitals of nine Union Republics and eight Autonomous Republics, with 60 major industrial centers and cities of the Soviet Union, as well as with Crimean, Caucasian and Baltic resorts.

Transformations in aviation industry, that took place in Russia in the 1990-s, lead to creation of several independent aviation enterprises with their own market niches. «Nordavia – Regional Airlines» is the successor of those aviation enterprises which secured uninterrupted regular air service from Arkhangelsk, Naryan-Mar and, beginning from the new millennium, other Northern airports during all these years.

Beginning from 2004, the airline has significantly developed its routes network, which is also due to joint programs with the mother company: today «Nordavia – Regional Airlines» operates around 30 daily routes from Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Naryan-Mar, Syktyvkar, St.-Petersburg and Moscow, both domestic regular and international charter. «Nordavia – RA» annually carries more than one million passengers. The airline’s success has been many times acknowledged by aviation community. «Nordavia – RA»is a regular participant of the Russian award «Wings of Russia»: being laureate in 2002, 2005 and 2006 and winner in 2001 and 2004.

«Nordavia – Regional Airlines» is one of the top ten Russian airlines and member of the European Regions Airline Association (ERA). In 2009 the airline received IOSA certificate (IATA – Operational Safety Audit), which at the international level certifies safety and high quality of «Nordavia – RA» services.

«Nordavia – Regional Airlines» is a sustainable airline basing in Arkhangelsk with professional staff of more than 1000 employees, it is the direct heir of Northern civil aviation traditions – Wings of the North.

Nordavia – Regional Airlines» considers that Northern Aviation birthday – February 4th, 2010, 80th anniversary of the first flight in the Russian North, – is the airline’s birthday as well.

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