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“NordStar” & “Nordavia”: ATR-42 in the Russian North

A new aircraft type - ATR 42-500 - is to be operated on the route Arkhangelsk–Naryan-Mar starting from February 1st, 2012. This is the first joint project of "Nordavia" and "NordStar", both part of the "MMC "Norilsk Nickel" group of companies, on modernization of air fleet in the European Russian North.

ATR 42-500 is a twin-engine turboprop passenger aircraft operated on short-haul routes. Aircrafts of this type can be used for operation of non-stop flights up to 3.5 hours long. The aircraft was designed by the French-Italian aviation company ATR in the beginning of the 80-s. ATR 42 operated its first flight in 1984, while its commercial operation was started in 1985. From that time the aircraft had several modifications, the most recent of which is ATR 42–500. This modification has more powerful engines, increased take-off weight, speed and flight range.

ATR 42-500 is to be operated by "NordStar" airlines (Y7 carrier code), while "Nordavia" is to be the commercial partner in terms of passenger sales.

"Nordavia – Regional Airlines" used to operate one daily flight on the route Arkhangelsk – Naryan-Mar on Boeing-737 aircraft type, however the schedule was not convenient for Naryan-Mar passengers.

The new aircraft type ATR 42-500 with capacity of 48 passenger seats allows to operate two daily flights, on Wednesdays and Sundays – three daily flights, while starting from May 20th, 2012, flights will be operated three times per days all week round.

The new schedule provides convenient connections to "Nordavia" regular flights to Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, as well as from Saint-Petersburg and Moscow to Naryan-Mar. Passengers have the opportunity to purchase air tickets at special through fares.

"NordStar" and "Nordavia" consider fleet modernization on regional routes as strategic direction of their development. Operation of 4 ATR 42-500 started in May 2011, now the aircrafts operate flights to Northern parts of the Krasnoyarsk region and neighboring districts.

Schedule of flights on the route Naryan-Mar – Arkhangelsk – Naryan-Mar (operated on ATR 42-500).

Flight Days of operation Start of operation Departure Arrival AC type
Arkhangelsk – Naryan-Mar
5Н301 1,2,.4,5,6 2.02 – 24.03 8:20 10:00 ATR 42
  3,7 5.02 - 21.03 7:15 8:50 ATR 42
5Н303 3,7 1.02 - 21.03 11:55 13:35 ATR 42
5Н305 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 1.02 – 24.03 17:15 18:50 ATR 42
Naryan-Mar – Arkhangelsk
5Н302 1,2,3,4,5,6 2.02 – 24.03 11:00 12:45 ATR 42
  3,7 5.02 – 21.03 9:40 11:15 ATR 42
5Н304 3,7 1.02 – 21.03 14:35 16:20 ATR 42
5Н306 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 1.02 – 21.03 19:40 21:20 ATR 42

About the Air Carriers:

"Nordavia – Regional Airlines" carried 1,468 million passengers, including 49 650 passengers from Naryan-Mar to Arkhangelsk and 14 109 passengers from Naryan-Mar to Saint-Petersburg. (According to statistics, population of the Nenets Autonomous Region is about 40 thousand).

"NordStar" airlines, part of the JSC "MMC "Norilsk Nickel", is a fast developing aviation project. The key aim of the company is to provide safe, high quality and as accessible as possible air transportation services to passengers of the Krasnoyarsk region, and most of all the city of Norilsk, connecting them with the major Russian destinations. "NordStar" airlines operate two-class (business + economy) configured Boeing 737-800NG, one of the most up-to-date B 737 models, as well as new ATR-42 turboprops, specially equipped for flights operation in Siberia and Far North.

ATR 42:

—is a twin-engine turboprop passenger aircraft operated on mid-haul routes пассажирский aircraft was designed by the French-Italian aviation company ATR. The aircraft was launched in 1984 and is produced both in France and Italy. «42» in the name of the model stands for passenger capacity (between 40 and 50). Another model, ATR 72, was designed on the basis of ATR 42.

The first modification of ATR 42 was announced in 1981, the first flight was operated on August 16th, 1984, while the aircraft was certified in September 1985. First commercial flights were launched in December 1985. Cruising speed is 540 km/hour, flight range – 1 500 km with full commercial load.

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