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Web check-in begins 24 hours and closes in 3 hours before departure and is available on regular flights from the cities


Ticket exchange

Air tickets can be exchanged in «Nordavia – Regional Airlines» own sales offices or in offices of the air ticket purchase in compliance with rules and restrictions set by the airline.

Air tickets shall be exchanged due to the following reasons:

  • change of air transportation conditions (date, flight, class of service provided it complies with fare rules);
  • change of passenger details (in case of errors in passenger surname, passport details or wrong translation from another language).

Conditions of air transportation can be changed by the passenger set in the air ticket, his / her representative having a notary certified power-of-attorney or sponsor who have purchased the air ticket.

Change of air transportation conditions can be considered as voluntary or involuntary depending of the reasons causing changes. In case of voluntary air ticket exchange passengers can change only flight number, date and class of service. Service fees for change of transportation conditions set by the airline and fare rules can be subtracted.

Air ticket exchange shall be considered involuntary in the following cases:

  • cancellation or delay of the flight specified in the air ticket;
  • change of the route by the carrier;
  • operation of the flight not in compliance with the schedule;
  • failure to depart due to inability of the carrier to provide a seat on the flight and date set in the air ticket;
  • failure to depart due to long pre-flight security check provided no prohibited items were found during such check;
  • inability to provide connection of flights in case of single transportation;
  • sudden illness of the passenger, illness or death of his / her family members travelling with the passenger provided the corresponding certifying medical documents are available;
  • inability to provide service level set in the air ticket.

Please, note that passengers are not allowed to change transportation conditions by phone.

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