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Transportation of Baggage in the Passenger Cabin

Baggage in the passenger cabin - baggage requiring special treatment at transportation (as, for example, valuable and fragile items) might be carried in the passenger cabin. Passengers are obliged to coordinate transportation of baggage in passenger cabin with «Nordavia - Regional Airlines» before the flight.

Such baggage shall be checked for air safety at the airport of departure.

Baggage transported in the passenger cabin shall be taken on and off board of the aircraft by the passenger personally. If the baggage is of large size the passenger shall reserve and pay for a separate seat according to the corresponding passenger fare.

The weight of baggage transported in the passenger cabin shall not exceed 80 kg, and its dimensions shall not exceed those of a passenger seat. Such baggage shall be placed in a seat by a window and fixed with a seat-belt. Baggage transported in the cabin shall not be checked-in. Passengers are obliged to take care of the baggage they carry themselves.

Payment for transportation of baggage in the passenger cabin

Appropriate fares and taxes for the baggage carried in the cabin shall be exacted from passengers prior to the start of transportation when buying the ticket or when checking-in the baggage at the airport of departure.

The fare for baggage transportation on an extra seat shall correspond to the price of transportation of the passenger carrying such baggage.

Discounts shall not apply to the fare for an extra seat, as well as no group discounts shall be applied.

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