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Oversized and Heavy-Weight Baggage

Oversized and heavy-weight baggage is such baggage, one piece of which exceeds allowable dimensions and total weight, in accordance with «Nordavia - Regional Airlines».

Passenger baggage shall not exceed 203 cm in three dimensions or 32 kg in weight. In specific cases, baggage up to 50 kg of weight may be accepted for transportation. Such baggage shall be accepted for transportation only upon preliminary consent of «Nordavia - Regional Airlines».

Shall the passenger fail to notify the Carrier on heavy-weight baggage at reservation, check-in of such baggage may be performed at the close of check-in provided spare tonnage is available.

Oversized and heavy-weight baggage shall include:

  • Sports equipment;
  • Musical instruments;
  • Audio and video technical appliances;
  • Television sets;
  • Non-folding perambulators;
  • Bicycles.

Passengers planning to transport oversized or heavy-weight baggage shall notify the Carrier on the fact of such baggage transportation at reservation stage.

Shall the passenger fail to preliminary reserve such transportation, «Nordavia - Regional Airlines» reserves the right to refuse in transportation of such baggage.

Oversized baggage (baggage of unusual shape) or heavy-weight baggage shall be accepted for transportation, provided dimensions of loading hatches and baggage-cargo compartments of the aircraft allow secure loading / discharging of such baggage, and airports of departure, transfer and destination are equipped to perform all pre-flight procedures and loading / discharging operations.

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