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Excess Baggage

Excess baggage is a part of baggage that exceeds free baggage allowance and is to be paid for.

If the weight of your baggage exceeds the established free baggage allowance, the baggage shall be carried on a paid basis as overweight baggage.

Overweight baggage shall be accepted for transportation upon preliminary agreement with the carrier.

Passengers planning to transport overweight baggage shall inform the carrier on the weight and number of overweight baggage pieces in advance (when reserving the seat or buying the ticket). Failure to observe this rule shall entitle the carrier to refuse to carry such baggage.


Direction Excess baggage fare for 1 kg
Arkhangelsk - Moscow 130
Arkhangelsk - St. Petersburg 130
Arkhangelsk - Naryan-Mar 130
Arkhangelsk - Sochi 130
Arkhangelsk - Anapa 130
Moscow - Murmansk 130
Moscow - Naryan-Mar 130
Moscow - Usinsk 130
Murmansk - Anapa 130
Murmansk - Sochi 130
Murmansk - St. Petersburg 130
Moscow - Syktyvkar 130
St. Petersburg - Syktyvkar 130
Syktyvkar - Anapa 130
Syktyvkar - Sochi 130
Moscow - Norilsk 300
Arkhangelsk - Amderma 1 % of Y
Arkhangelsk - Amderma-2 1 % of Y
Arkhangelsk - Kotlas 1 % of Y
Arkhangelsk - Leshukonskoye 1 % of Y
Arkhangelsk - Murmansk 1 % of Y
Arkhangelsk - Solovki 1 % of Y
Arkhangelsk - Tromso 1 % of Y
Murmansk - Tromso 1 % of Y
Arkhangelsk - Usinsk 1 % of Y
Naryan-Mar - Amderma 1 % of Y


  • A passenger shall have the right to pay for overweight baggage in advance, when reserving the flight.
  • A fee for overweight baggage shall be exacted at the airport of departure at the start of the journey for the entire passenger's route or to any point of transfer stated in his/her ticket.
  • Subsequent carriage of such baggage shall be paid for at the airport of transfer.
  • If a passenger has increased the weight and quantity of carried baggage pieces in excess of the free baggage allowance or in excess of the paid weight at an intermediary airport, an extra fee shall be exacted from the airport of destination stated in the ticket.
  • Should the weight of baggage be reduced, money shall not be refunded and there shall not be any re-calculation.
  • Transportation of overweight baggage on credit is not allowed.
  • Payment for overweight baggage shall be effected for whole kilograms

The carrier reserves the right to refuse in transportation of passengers and their baggage, should such passengers fail to pay for overweight baggage or for objects transported at the fare of overweight baggage.

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