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Lost, Forgotten or Misdirected Baggage

Shall the passenger fail to receive his/her checked baggage upon arrival to point of destination or stoppage, he/she should turn to the Airline’s representative or the Airline’s authorized service agent for filling in the corresponding documents.

The representative or a service agent of the Airline shall take down such passenger’s contact phone number, address of baggage delivery and fill in a Report on baggage short delivery.

The Report shall be signed by the passenger who has failed to receive his/her checked baggage, shift supervisor of the airport and representative of the Airline. The Report shall be filed at once, before the passenger leaves the territory of the airport.

If the passenger has paid, in accordance with the regulations established by the Carrier, for transportation of baggage that has been lost, forgotten or misdirected, such baggage shall be delivered to the point of destination or stoppage without an additional payment.

In case of baggage loss the passenger has the right to issue a claim:

  • on domestic flights: within six months from the date of baggage loss;
  • on international flights: within eighteen months from the date of the aircraft arrival at the point of destination, from date of the aircraft planned arrival at the point of destination, or from the date of air transportation termination.

The baggage shall be considered lost if it is not found with­in 21 days from the date of its planned arrival at the point of destination.

The claim shall be sent within the specified time. The passenger shall enclose all the documents necessary to con­firm the right of such passenger for compensation, including the air ticket, the excess baggage receipt, the baggage tag, the Report on baggage short delivery and so on. The amount of the claim shall be justified by the inte­rested party.

The passenger shall be compensated for the excessive time of baggage transportation to the point of destination in accordance with Article 120 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation.


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