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Hazardous Items Prohibited for Transportation in Baggage

The following hazardous substances and items are prohibited for air transportation by crew members and passengers in hand or checked baggage:

  1. Explosives, firing agents and items stuffed with them:
    • Powder of all types, in any packing and in any quantity;
    • Live ammunition (incl. small-caliber);
    • Cartridges for gas spray guns;
    • Hunting capsules (pistons);
    • Firework devices: signaling and illuminating rockets, cartridges
    • Signaling cartridges, landing pots, torch pots, shot-fire matches, Bengal lights, railway detonating cartridges;
    • Trinitrotoluene, dynamite, tolite, ammonal, and other explosives;
    • Fulminating detonators, electric detonators, electric igniters, detonating and blasting fuses and so on;
  2. Compressed and condensed gases:
    • Gases for domestic use (butane-propane) and other gases;
    • Gas sprays of neuroparalytic and lachrymatory action and so on
  3. Inflammable liquids: acetone, gasoline, samples of inflammable oil-products, methanol, methyl acetate (methyl ether), carbon sulphide, ethylcelluzol ethers;
  4. Inflammable solid substances:
    • Substances prone to spontaneous ignition;
    • Substances emitting inflammable gases on contact with water: potassium, sodium, metal calcium and their compositions, calcium phosphide and so on;
    • White, yellow and red phosphorus, as well as other substances belonging to the category of inflammable solid substances;
  5. Oxidizing agents and organic peroxides:
    • Colloidal nitrocellulose, in grains or flocks, dry or wet, with less than 25% of water or dissolvent;
    • Colloidal nitrocellulose, in lumps, wet, with less than 25% of alcohol;
    • Intro-cellulose, dry or wet, with less than 30% of dissolvent or 20% of water and so on;
  6. Toxic substances;
  7. Radioactive materials;
  8. Corrosives:
    • Strong non-organic acids: chlorohydric, sulphuric, hydrogen and other;
    • hydrofluoric acid and other strong acids and corrosives;
  9. Poisonous substances:
    • any strong toxic and poisonous substances in wet or solid form, in any packing;
    • Brucine, nicotine, strychnine, tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol, anti-freezing substances, brake fluid, ethylene glycol, mercury, all salts of hydrocyanic acid and cyanide drugs cyclone, cyanogens fusion, arsenous anhydrite and so on;
    • other hazardous substances, items and cargoes, which might be used as a weapon of attack on passengers, crew and constituting a threat for the flight safety;
  10. Weapons:
    • pistols, revolvers, rifles, carbines and other fire, gas, pneumatic weapons, electrical shock devices, daggers, stilettos, paratrooper knives, unless otherwise specified in legislative acts of the Russian Federation.

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