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Transportation of Weapons

The following articles are prohibited for air transportation by crew members and passengers in hand or checked baggage:

pistols, revolvers, rifles, carbines and other fire, gas, pneumatic weapons, electrical shock devices, daggers, stilettos, paratrooper knives, unless otherwise specified in legislative acts of the Russian Federation.

Weapons and ammunitions shall be accepted for transportation only upon prior consent of JSC «Nordavia – Regional Airlines».

Passengers are forbidden to have the following articles in the passenger cabin during the flight:

  • all types of firearm, spray gun and ammunition;
  • all types of cold steel;
  • thrust and cutting items.

Transportation of weapons in the passenger cabin shall be allowed only to passengers accompanying prisoners and employees of the Federal Custodial Service of the Russian Federation on duty.

Weapons (sports, hunting, army), as well as spare parts and ammunitions shall be accepted on board of the aircraft only against a valid license and travel order (authorization).

Weapons, ammunitions and special equipment accepted for transportation shall be checked-in, withdrawn and transported in a packed form in the cargo-baggage compartment of the aircraft.

Ammunitions shall be considered hazardous cargo and acceptance of such baggage for transportation shall be limited. Thus, only ammunitions for sports firearms of small caliber shall be accepted for air transportation in checked baggage.

If an aircraft crosses a national border on its route, the passenger shall arrange in advance the transportation of the weapon on board with the relevant authorities in the countries concerned, so that the current laws and regulations in these countries are complied with. To enter a country with a weapon, passengers must have permission from competent authorities in that country.

Requirements for weapons packing

The following requirements for weapons packing shall be fulfilled:

  • all weapons shall be discharged;
  • weapons shall be securely packed in order to avoid damaging during transportation and loading/discharging.

Requirements for ammunitions packing

The following requirements for ammunitions packing shall be fulfilled:

  • ammunitions shall be packed separately from firing guns;
  • ammunitions shall be packed in a secure wooden or metal container;
  • ammunitions shall be packed in a container securing them from hits or other impacts.

The weight of ammunition carried by one passenger shall not exceed 5 kg.

The total weight of ammunition carried on one flight shall not exceed 50 kg.

Weapons and ammunitions are included into free baggage allowance. If the free baggage allowance of weapons, ammunition and special equipment is exceeded, it is paid for as an overweight baggage.


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