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Passengers with Reduced Physical Abilities

In order to ensure passengers safety during the flight the Airline shall not accept for transportation passengers who need oxygen for medical purposes.

The airline is entitled to refuse to transport litter patients due to the fact that not all types of aircrafts are equipped to carry such persons». According to Article 110 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation Order №82 dated June 18th, 2007, N 82 "On Confirmation of "The General Rules of Transportation by Air of Passengers, Luggage and Cargoes and Conditions of Passengers, Consignors and Consignees Services Provision" (with amendments and additions), due to the fact that  the Airline’s aircrafts are not technically equipped for fixed litter transportation, litter passengers shall be refused for transportation.

Please note: all passengers belonging to groups WCH (passenger in a wheel-chair), BLND (blind passenger), DEAF (deaf passenger) shall be accepted for transportation with the preliminary consent of the Airline.

All passengers belonging to the group WCHR* shall be accepted for transportation provided they have a medical certificate (MEDIF).

*WCHR – passenger in a wheel-chair. Letter «R» means that the wheel-chair shall be ne¬eded at the apron. A passenger is able to ascend/descend and move to his/her seat in the cabin and back, but he/she needs a wheel-chair to get to/from the aircraft, i.e. via the apron, landing gallery, jet bridges or other means depending on the technical equipment of the airport.

Passengers with reduced physical abilities shall be accepted for transportation both with or without accompanying passengers provided he/she has a certifying document. Transportation of visually impaired passengers shall be considered as transportation under special sanitary rules, and the Carrier is entitled to require presence of an accompanying passenger.

The Carrier is entitled not to accept for transportation or to continuation of transportation a person whose transporting, due to his/her state of physical or psychological health or age (on the basis of the facts of a medical examination may constitute a threat for his/her life, security of other passengers and their property, aircraft or its crew;

Services for Passengers with Reduced Abilities:

Passengers with reduced physical abilities that require special service on the basis of medical indications, have the possibility to book the following services:

  • 72 hours before the flight - special wheel-chair for transportation within the airport zone, transportation to the aircraft, transportation to the aircraft cabin, after confirmation only;
  • 36 hours before the flight - special meals;

In case of transportation of a visually impaired passenger accompanied by a guide-dog, the dog shall be carried on board of the aircraft free of charge without a special cage under the following conditions:

  • the passenger depends on the dog;
  • the certificate of special training of such dog has been produced;
  • the dog has a muzzle and a lead on it and is attached to the chair at the feet of the passenger it accompanies, provided it does not occupy a separate seat.

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