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Pregnant Women

Pregnant women in good health shall be accepted for air carriage up to the end of the 35th week of pregnancy. Pregnant women after the 36th week of pregnancy might be refused in air carriage.

Pregnant women traveling between the 28th and the 35th week of pregnancy shall have a valid health certificate, stating:

  • duration of pregnancy at the moment of carriage (issued not earlier than 7 days before the flight);
  • the fact that there exist no medical contraindications for the flight.

Air carriage is not recommended to women during the last month of pregnancy and during 7 days after the delivery.

Written assent of a doctor for the air carriage is necessary, if:

  • delivery is expected within four weeks;
  • there are medical complications during the pregnancy;
  • there is uncertainty in delivery period, or complicated delivery is expected.

In such cases the certificate shall be issued within 7 days before the flight.

Air carriage is also not recommended to:

  • Healthy newborn babies during 14 days after birth;
  • For carriage of babies born earlier than established time, a MEDA certificate of health is required, and such newborn babies shall be included in the MEDA category.

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