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Web check-in begins 24 hours and closes in 3 hours before departure and is available on regular flights from the cities


Economy Class

Passengers who have purchased economy class tickets (both full and special fares), are offered the following services:

  1. meals (including juice and non-alcohol beverages) - menus depend on time, duration and route of the flight;
  2. on several routes – additional meals on pre-order conditions;
  3. wide choice of newspapers, magazines and other publications.

Business Class

  1.   Passenger check-in is performed at a special check-in counter. In case airports of departure/destination have no special check-in counters, business class passengers have a priority while checking-in at the common check-in counter.
  2. At the check-in counter business class passengers receive special invitations to a business lounge (provided this service is available at the airport of departure/destination).
  3. Business passengers have the right to carry 10 kg of extra free luggage allowance.
  4. Business class passengers are transported to the aircraft by a special bus when boarding of economy class passengers is over (provided this service is available at the airport of departure/destination). Should the boarding be performed via a jet bridge, business class passengers are free to board the aircraft at any moment form the boarding start.
  5. Business class passengers receive special service.
  6. Business class check-in luggage is last to be loaded on board of the aircraft at departure and first to be unloaded from board of the aircraft at arrival.
  7. Business class cabins have seats of enhanced comfort and wardrobes depending of the aircraft type, its configuration and seating arrangement.


Services provided in different service classes:

Service Business Class
Airport service
Separate check-in counter* +
Business lounge* +
Free baggage allowance 30 kg
Priority of baggage handling +
Separate transport to the aircraft* +
Separate transport from the aircraft* +
On-board service
Business compartment +
Enhanced seats** +
Larger pitch between seats** +
Wardrobe in the compartment of the aircraft** +
Welcome drink on-board +
Comfort items +
Personal service +
Food served on porcelain or plastic dishes +
Hot meals with 3 menu options +
Alcohol beverages +


*  in airports with the corresponding facilities
** on aircrafts with the corresponding seat configuration

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