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Electronic Ticket

An electronic ticket — is the new paperless equivalent of the traditional paper ticket, which allows you to feel free and comfortable in preparing to your travel. All information on your travel, including the control record on your credit card payment, is securely kept in the client bank and the Airline’s reservation system. You can purchase air tickets on-line at any time from our web-site.

E-ticket advantages:

  • you can purchase air tickets on-line
  • you save your valuable time
  • you have access to our best prices
  • you can purchase air tickets not only for yourself, but also for your family and friends
  • to check in for your flight you will only need to show your passport and birth certificate for your children

Electronic air ticket, as well as its paper equivalent, is the official document certifying conclusion of the air carriage agreement between the passenger and the Airline.

Air Carriage Agreement

Air Carriage Agreement between the passenger and the Airline, in accordance with the Air Code of the Russian Federation, is such agreement in which the Carrier states that it shall transport the passenger to the point of destination with providing such passenger with a passenger seat on the aircraft operating the flight set in the passenger’s air ticket. In case of passenger baggage transportation the Carrier shall transport the passenger’s baggage to the point of destination and hand it over to the passenger or other authorized persons. To see the full text of the Air Carriage Agreement of "Nordavia - RA", please, click to the following link.

Documents Required for Crossing of the Border of the Russian Federation

Official information on the documents required for crossing the border of a country is available only at its Consulates. Passenger is liable for preparation of all the necessary documents, compliance with all acting legal acts, decrees, rules and instructions issued by the governmental bodies of the country from / to /through the territory of which passengers are travelling.

When going on an air trip, please, check that you took your foreign passport with a valid visa (for domestic flights — Russian passport), your air ticket — paper or electronic (itinerary receipt), as well as other documents required to cross the border of the country from / to which passengers are travelling.

In accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation «On travelling to the territory of the Russian Federation and travelling out of the territory of the Russian Federation», representatives of the Airline or other authorized organizations reserve the right to ask passengers to show valid documents certifying such passengers’ identity for the purposes of visa or other access granting documents control.

The Airline reserves the right to reject transportation of passengers who failed to show valid documents.

Documents required for reporting

If you need to produce financial accounting documents, keep you itinerary receipt and your boarding pass. Please, note that cash receipts shall not be issued. In accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation № 117 dd. 18.05.2010, Letter of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation № 03-03-06/1/649 dd. 07.09.2007, the following documents shall be used for the flight accounting purposes: itinerary receipt and boarding pass. Duplicates of boarding passes shall not be reissues.

Itinerary receipt of the electronic passenger air ticket and baggage tag (issued by the automated air transportation information system) are strict accounting documents and are used for cash or bank cards transactions (without cash receipts) with organizations and individual entrepreneurs.

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