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Web check-in begins 24 hours and closes in 3 hours before departure and is available on regular flights from the cities


Travel Voucher

Passengers of Nordavia have an opportunity to travel with a travel voucher. One travel voucher allows a passenger to purchase air tickets for four flights within three months from the moment of purchase at fixed price. The price, which is rather favourable, shall be set by the airline for each route, while no fuel charges shall be retained.

Nordavia travel vouchers shall have the following prices:

Route Price  (4 flights)
Arkhangelsk – Moscow and round way 20 000 RUB
Arkhangelsk – Saint-Petersburg and round way 20 000 RUB
Syktyvkar – Moscow and round way 22 000 RUB
Syktyvkar – Saint-Petersburg and round way 22 000 RUB
Murmansk – Moscow and round way 27 600 RUB
Murmansk – Saint-Petersburg and round way 23 600 RUB
Naryan-Mar – Arkhangelsk and round way 34 000 RUB
Naryan-Mar – Moscow and round way 30 000 RUB
Moscow - Norilsk and round way 55 600 RUB
Moscow - Usinsk and round way 32 000 RUB

Fuel charge shall not be retained!


Travel Voucher rules and conditions

  1. Travel vouchers bear the name of its holder and cannot be transferred to other persons.
  2. "Nordavia - RA" paper air tickets of 31624 series shall be used as travel voucher coupons.
  3. Travel vouchers shall be issued for a specific route (city pair).
  4. Travel vouchers shall be issued only provided the first flight segment (first flight coupon) is booked. The first flight coupon shall have a departure date, while the remaining flight coupons shall have open dates or departure dates within the travel voucher’s validity period.
  5. Travel vouchers shall be valid for four flights in the economy class of service.
  6. Each travel voucher coupon (31624 blank) shall be valid for one flight.
  7. Air tickets purchased with a travel voucher shall be guaranteed only in case of seats available in economy class.
  8. Travel vouchers are valid within 3 months from the date of purchase.
  9. No fuel charge shall be retained for air tickets issued with travel vouchers. Other charges shall be paid by the passenger supplementary.
  10. Travel voucher refund is available only within such travel voucher’s validity period. In case of voluntary refund a refund charge shall be retained for each unused travel voucher coupon. "Forced" refund of a travel voucher is possible, provided the corresponding documents are provided.
  11. Any changes in the air ticket (excluding refund), issued with the travel voucher, shall be made in accordance with the fare rules.

Travel vouchers are available in "Nordavia - RA" own sales offices.

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