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Example: Smith or Смит
Example: 115
Expample: 3162441234567
Web check-in begins 24 hours and closes in 3 hours before departure and is available on regular flights from the cities



1. Identification of the user

For web check-in indicate passenger’s data according to the data in e-ticket or itinerary receipt.

  • Enter a surname of the passenger as it is specified in the ticket. The name and middle name shouldn't be entered.
  • Enter flight number. It is s allowed to specify alphanumeric or only numerical number of flight (for example, 5Н 119 or 119).
  • Enter date of a departure of flight. DD.MM.YYYY format (for example, 21.12.2013)

Enter one of the following checking parameter (one from the list, for your choice):

  • Order number/PNR - a six-symbolical digital-alphabetic code of the order/PNR (for example, LX489V or ЛХ489В);
  • Ticket Number - number of the ticket of the registered passenger (for example, 31624412345678);
  • Document Number - number of the identity card of the registered passenger which was applied for booking (for example, 1102123432 or IIIМЮ121234).

After completed the form, press the "Be registered" button.

2. Flight check-in

You can be checked-in provided the flight is available for web check-in procedure.

Select the passenger to be checked-in from the list of passengers from your order/PNR.

Select a preferred seat in plane, having pressed the button .

Be registered on flight, having pressed the "Check in" button.

3. Receiving a boarding pass

To receive a boarding pass for the passenger, press the button .

This function is available to the passenger having the status "Checked in".

For receiving a boarding pass on e-mail, use the button .

Print out your boarding pass.



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